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Annual Awards

One of the most enjoyable roles of the Estonian Museum Association is the recognition of colleagues. In co-operation with the at the Cultural Heritage Board and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, we present Museum Rats, the Estonian Annual Museum Awards.

The Estonian Annual Museum Awards 2022 conference and the gala awards ceremony will take place on 2 February 2023 in Pärnu. The Pärnu Museum organises the event.

Rats waiting for the 2019 conference at the Film Museum. Photographer: Vahur Lõhmus

The Annual Museum Awards competition aims to praise and thank the best museum professionals and highlight the various aspects of museum work to the public. The award is issued once a year in ten categories. The list of panel members can be found .

The award categories are:

  • Museum Collection Developer
  • Conservation Work
  • Promoter of Museum Education
  • Research Publication
  • Research Conference
  • Temporary Exhibition
  • Permanent Exhibition (is awarded every other year)
  • Museum Developer
  • Friend of the Community
  • Museum Marketer