Eesti MuuseumiühingEesti Muuseumiühing


The Estonian Museum Memento Award (EMMA) was established in 2009 to highlight the souvenirs developed by museums. Around the world, the souvenirs offered in museum shops serve both advertising and revenue-generating purposes.

What are the souvenirs that carry the museum’s identity, essence and activities, and sell best at the same time? Is it a cup with a witty text, a T-shirt, a matchbox, or something more original and innovative?

The biennial EMMA competition has inspired museums to strongly consider souvenirs as marketing articles. They have come up with many new, witty and creative items. The first prizes were awarded in 2009, and the main prize went to:
The back scrub brush of the Estonian Health Museum and the hitchhiker’s mitten of the Estonian Road Museum.

Let’s keep the spirit up and allow worthy ideas to be accomplished!