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Collection Managers’ Group

The collection managers’ group unites the collection managers, heads of collections and collection specialists of Estonian museums, offering them opportunities for professional development. The group started operating at the Estonian Museum Association in 2018 and makes proposals for the Estonian Museum Association action plan. It plans training, seminars and other events in the field and contributes to the dissemination of professional information.

The group’s first major initiative is a collection management handbook, which will be a practical aid in activities concerning museum collections. The group welcomes everyone working in or wanting to contribute to museum collections, subject to registration as group members. A member of the collection managers’ group does not have to be a member of the Estonian Museum Association but can contribute ideas and participate in the association’s events.

Collection management handbook (in progress):

The group is led by:

  • Kaie Jeeser (Tartu City History Museums) – chairman
  • Madle Uibo (Tartu City History Museums) – secretary
  • Kersti Kuldna-Türkson (Art Museum of Estonia)
  • Piret Pedanik (Pärnu Museum)
  • Pilvi Põldma (Museums of Virumaa)
  • Ruth Ristmägi (Estonian Maritime Museum)

The leaders of the collection managers’ group can be contacted at